Qualifies for $3,450 rebate Net price $31950 As New

  • 40kWh MODEL G
  • Qualifies for Clean Car $3,450 rebate Net drive away cost $31,950
  • This is the 2018 ZE1 40kWh model
  • 93% Battery SOH
  • Available Now


  • Owners manual printed in English included
  • FM band extender fitted
  • English dash & radio conversion
  • NZ compliant 8 or 16 amp 230v charge cable included
  • All on road cost
  • 6 month registration
  • Drive recorder camera

Top spec G model 360 degree camera Pro Pilot, auto pilot assist, Blind spot warning, As new condition, 40 Kwh battery, 240-280 km range, 20,000km, English dash & head unit included, Apple CarPlay AndroidAuto, English manual, Driver assist, e-Pedal, Adaptive cruise control, Auto lights, High beam headlight auto dip, Parking sensors, Parking assist, Rearview Mirror / camera, Lane departure warning, Bluetooth & Handsfree, Daytime LED running lights, LED rear lights ,Charge up 50kW CHAdeMO fast charging, Type 1 3.3kW A/C for home charging, 3 driving modes, normal, B, Eco, Heated steering wheel and seats, Airbags, front, side and curtain, 17 inch Alloy Wheels