The range of the Leaf is about one third of that of a petrol car, which is not an issue because you can ‘fill up’ wherever there is a 240V 10 Amp or 16 Amp socket. These are commonly found at home, at work, at a friend’s house or your local camping ground etc.  Fast chargers are also available nation wide and can be located through the PlugShare webpage or mobile App- you can view the embedded version here. The mindset of topping up your battery whenever convenient is the way to optimise your EV driving experience.

For a 24kWh the range is 150km and a 30kWh Leaf 200km on a full charge. Under normal circumstances 120km & 160km (respectively) is more realistic. The range is influenced by:

  • driving in ECO mode and/or (B) mode versus DRIVE mode
  • using air conditioning or heating
  • urban versus motorway speeds
  • 80% or 100% charge
  • driving style

A 40kWh Leaf has a driving range of 300km, however 250km is more realistic and is a similar experience to that of the older generations. Over time, one gets better at driving efficiently by learning how to take advantage of regenerative braking and coasting down hills etc. Remembering to top up daily and planning distances is part of optimising an EV.