BMW i3

The BMW i3 is a compact Ev with petrol range extender. On the battery alone you get up to 160km. For longer distances the range extender allows for up to 340km of range.

The Range Extender (REx) is a small, very smooth-running and quiet combustion engine which runs on normal petrol. This motor drives a generator which in turn charges the high-voltage battery so that the vehicle can continue to drive electrically.

The vehicle is a excellent for round town and longer distance journeys.

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  • The entire vehicle concept was developed with e-mobility in mind, from the ground up.

  • Innovative aerodynamics reduce air resistance and thus minimise energy consumption.

  • Renewable and recycled materials help protect the environment and replace conventional materials such as plastic.

  • ECO PRO mode increases the range of the car and cuts electricity consumption.

  • The carbon fibre is produced with 100% water power.

  • Production of the BMW i3 in Leipzig is 100% powered by wind energy.